Upcoming screenings

Svetla Turnin

Svetla Turnin is the Executive Director at Cinema Politica, an exhibition and distribution network for political documentary in Canada and internationally, and a producer for Cinema Politica Porductions. Recently she executive produced 15 shorts as part of the Documentary Futurism program and participated in Eurodoc 2018.

Pirouz Nemati

Born in Iran in 1987, Pirouz Nemati is a Montreal-based artist and filmmaker working in experimental and documentary film, photography and installation. He studied photography and media arts at Emily Carr University (Vancouver), and Film Production at Concordia University (Montreal). Inspired by various traditions of documentary cinema, his work is a meditation on the relationship between identity, transculturation, memory and reality. His work has been displayed in galleries and cinemas in Canada, the US, and Iran.

Farhad Ghaderi

Farhad Ghaderi is a Mexican-Iranian cinematographer and director passionate about conveying raw emotion in his work.

Kaayla Whachell

Kaayla Whachell is a cinematographer/director currently based in Vancouver BC. Her films have been shown in Vancouver and Los Angeles. She completed her BFA in Film Production at the University of British Columbia. Her cinematography has been featured in Rolling Stones, Paper Mag, Tiff Bell Fashion Festival, and Fader magazine.

Nicolas Renaud

Nicolas Renaud is a Wendat filmmaker and editor based in Montréal. He has made experimental films, installations and documentary work for the past 20 years. He won the Emerging Canadian Filmmaker Award for best 1st feature at Hot Docs 2013 (for Brave New River). He also contributes to the programming of Indigenous cinema at the Montreal First Peoples Festival and is a part-time teacher in Fine Arts at Concordia University.

Boban Chaldovich

Boban Chaldovich is a filmmaker, video editor and graphic animator working on social, economic and climate justice documentaries and videos. His work has been shown at numerous international film festivals, community events and television stations across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Amy Miller

Amy Miller is a Montreal-based, award-winning filmmaker whose films have been screened at more than eighty festivals around the world. She is a media maker and social justice organizer, and remains dedicated to developing critical documentaries for transformative social change and aiding grassroots campaigns for justice.

Jadis Mariette Dumas

Jadis Mariette Dumas is a multidisciplinary artist working for over seven years as an independent filmmaker and editor, specializing in documentary and video art. Primarily self-taught, she also completed Capilano University’s Documentary Film Programme. Since then she has been a videographer and editor on various films being shown through international festivals, and is excited to be sharing her first feature film on decolonizing education. She is passionate about producing honest and beautiful storytelling through film which inspires social justice engagement.